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Toy Regrets for Toddlers (Toys we regret buying for our 2-3 year old)

Sometimes as parents, we get marketed into buying so many things that don’t live up to the hype. These are a few items we bought for my son last year that either weren’t played with very much or that we just didn’t think was worth it.

  1. Drum Set—This was probably the most expensive item we’ve bought that he rarely played with. It was a bummer! It was a hit when we got it, but over the last year he has barely played with it. He actually took it apart instead. We still have this, but I think it’s mostly due to guilt that we actually bought it lol.
  2. Play Silks—I was super excited for these, and saw them marketed everywhere, but my son just didn’t play with these much. I’m thinking 2-3 might not have been a good age so I’ll keep them to see if he gets more creative with them, but I feel like these might still be a thumbs down.
  3. Indoor Step 2 Climber—This was a big item that we bought for our great room last winter. I bought it to try to gain some sanity for him and I being stuck inside in the winter. He did like it, but lost interest quick and the price tag wasn’t worth it. We got rid of it 6 months later because it was so big.
  4. Musical timer for brushing teeth—I saw this everywhere, so I bought it and I put this  in my sons stocking last year. It was a highly rated little musical device for brushing teeth. It is super annoying and it doesn’t make him brush his teeth longer.
  5. Bath toys that mold—this is a big pet peeve! Why would companies make bath toys that mold? I just don’t understand. The best way to stay away from this is to look for ones that don’t have holes and places that water can sit in.

This is thankfully a short list, but still has some pricey items on it. I hope this helps you stay away from a few things that your toddler may not play with a ton. Remember, it’s simple things that make them happy. You don’t have to spend a million dollars. Make sure to check out my next post about our top 20 favorite toys for 2-3 year olds!


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