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    6 Natural Cold Remedies For Adults and Kids

    We’ve had a couple of little colds/weird viruses try to come at us this year. Thankfully, we’ve been able to take care of them pretty quickly at home. Here are a few things I like to do when I first feel a cold or a virus coming on. -Pray- I recently heard a Pastor say something that was extremely good. He said “Get spiritual first and then natural. See prayer as the most important response of our life. Prayer invites God into the situation.” I thought that was so good. Prayer shouldn’t be an after thought. We can do all of the things, but if we don’t invite God into…

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    Top 5 Essential Oils For Pregnancy

    I had a lot of different products that supported a smooth pregnancy, but some of my favorites were essential oils! I have been using Young Living oils for about 6 years, but used them SO much while pregnant. Here are my top 5 favorite oils for pregnancy. Disclaimer: Consult with your OBGYN and do your own research before using essential oils during pregnancy. They should be used only after research and study on how to use them properly. They are medicinal and should be used that way. Essential oils from a random store are not the same as essential oils from a reputable company. The essential oils market is not…