Baby Registry Must-Haves

There are SO many options when it comes to all of the latest baby gear and things you “need”. As an expecting new mom, or even someone shopping for an expecting mama, it can feel overwhelming sifting through all of the stuff online. Here are my top 10 favorite must-haves that were great quality and the things that actually got used a ton (besides the typical nursery furniture, diapers, wipes, bottles, etc.).

All the links for the items are in the titles.


  1. Hatch Rest Sound Machine—This thing is one of our top used items from day 1. We still use it every single day. It is a sound machine that doubles as a nightlight. It has a bunch of different sounds, color settings, and best of all—there is an app that lets you control it all from your phone. I used this early on as nightlight for nursing/diaper changes and now my son sleeps with the sound on every time he goes to sleep. Now that he is older, he knows when the sound goes off in the morning and turns green, that it’s time to get up. It helps prevent those crack of dawn wake-up calls because he knows that if it isn’t green, it’s not time to get up yet. The only con to this is if you lose power, then it won’t work (this has actually only happened to us once during a nap and he did wake up). If you live somewhere that loses power a lot, you may want to have a battery powered back-up sound machine if your child is used to sleeping with one.
  2. Infant Optics Baby Monitor—This monitor is simple, clear, and easy to use. I’m sure there are even better options now than there were 2 years ago when we got it, but this one worked great and got the job done. A really good baby monitor is definitely a big used item on our list. We use it everyday for naps, bedtime, and independent playtime too.
  3. Mattress—There are so many options for crib mattresses to look through. I wanted a good one, but I also didn’t want to overthink it too much. I found one that was non-toxic and green-guard certified (which means it’s certified for low chemical emissions), and waterproof. It also has a toddler side and a baby side, which I thought was nice.
  4. Love-To-Dream Swaddle—Oh swaddling. Swaddling is so awesome, but the normal swaddle blankets you can buy are a pain! These were game-changers because you just zip them up. They are a little pricey for a swaddle, especially if you get multiple sizes like we did every time he grew out of them. But, they are so great and help your baby get much more sleep than if they weren’t using a swaddle. We started with the normal blanket swaddles and transitioned to these zip-up ones because it was sooo much easier at 4am when you are sleep deprived.
  5. Zip-Up Pajamas—Please, if you love the mother you are buying pjs for, please do not buy her any pajamas with snaps. I’m begging you. Zippers are the only way to go. Extra bonus if the zipper starts at the bottom instead of the top (Cloud Island brand from Target has the ones that zip up from the bottom and they are great! I also love Burts Bees brand, but they don’t zip from the bottom).
  6. Muslin Burp Clothes—My Mom got these for me and told me these were the best. She was 100% right and I immediately ordered more after I used them. They are super absorbent and can be used for so many things. I would rather have these over any other ones on the market.
  7. Teethers—My son had a lot of different teethers, but there were 3 that he used constantly and for a long time:
    Egg (we also got the Grippy Stick that goes with it)
    The Molar Magician 
  8. High-Chair—When I was looking for a high-chair, I looked for one that was easy to clean. This one meets the mark. It is SO easy to clean. It would’ve been nice if it folded up, but since it was an item we used everyday, it didn’t matter to us.
  9. Parker Baby Co. Bibs I had to add these because they were my favorite bibs! Babies drool a TON. These were super soft, cute, they wash well, and they are owned by a family-run business on Amazon.
  10. Wipe Warmer—I know, I know…this is a fancy item that you don’t really “need”. I thought this as well, but honestly this thing was so nice and did a great job at keeping the wipes wet and warm. I’m sure my son appreciated a nice, warm wipe, instead of a freezing cold one in the middle of the night! I know I would lol.

There are so many other items that you need, these are just some of my favorite must-have items that really held up well and stood out in my mind as good products!

What are some of your must-have favorites for new moms?


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