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30 Gift Ideas For Her (That We Actually Want)

Ok guys, I’ve taken all the work out for you! All you have to do is click, buy, and wrap.

Some women will just tell you what they want, but if they don’t, the key to great gifts for the ladies in your life is buying something that takes some thought/effort or buying something they wouldn’t normally buy for themselves. Things that are higher quality or even just feel luxurious are always great! I’ve included gifts from lots of price points.

($)-under $50
($$$)-over $150

  1. Kitsch Silk Pillowcase ($)-My husband and I don’t always get each other surprises, but last Christmas we did and my husband had a winning idea with this silk pillowcase! It’s so good and great for your skin and hair! Luxurious without the price tag.
  2. Pure Scrubs Sugar Scrub ($)-This was another surprise my husband got me last year. He seriously did great! This has amazing ingredients and smells and works so good! I was shocked it was from Amazon, but it’s a small family run business on Amazon. The scrub lasts forever and it felt like a nice little spa-like experience.
  3. Made by Mary Jewelry ($-$$)-I love this brand. You can customize the jewelry and these would be great for Moms or women who appreciate thoughtful gifts!
  4. Airpods ($$$)-If your wife or girlfriend works out, these are a great gift! No more pesky cords to deal with. My husband got some last year and I steal them all the time. This year I’m getting my own lol.
  5. Custom Tennis Shoes ($$-$$$)-This is another thoughtful gift idea. I was gifted a gift card and instructions to customize my own Nike’s by my parents for my 30th birthday and I loved being able to customize my shoes. So fun!
  6. Ruggable Rug ($$-$$$)-I can’t say enough good about my Ruggable Rug. Life is just so much easier having a rug that is machine washable. If you have small kids or pets that get things on the rug constantly, your wife will love you for this.
  7. Barefoot Dreams Blanket dupe ($)-I got this one year from SAMS and then bought lots of them to give as gifts. Everyone loves this blanket!
  8. Audible Subscription ($-$$)-I have had audible on and off and I really enjoy it! It’s great for the Mom who loves to read but doesn’t have the time.
  9. Removable Plates Waffle Maker ($$)-I love making waffles but hate cleaning an ordinary waffle maker. So annoying. This one has removable plates that are dishwasher safe!
  10. Yeti/Stanley Cup ($-$$)-These cups are so nice to receive as gifts! Dishing out $40-$50 on a cup isn’t something some people want to do, but it’s SO nice to get one as a gift!
  11. Removable Throw Pillow Covers ($)-If your wife is throw pillow hoarder like I used to be, you can save some major space buying throw pillow covers instead!
  12. Magnolia Wooden Lazy Susan ($)-This is a beautiful piece that looks and feels a lot more expensive than it is.
  13. Skin Care (Beauty Counter) ($-$$$)-A great skincare system would be such a great gift! You may need to get some input on which system to get, but it would be such a lovely gift.
  14. EcoTan Coconut Milk Lotion/Organic Self Tanner ($)-Shipping all the way from Australia, this lotion and these self tanners are so so good without all the nasty ingredients! If the lady in your life is more conscious about clean ingredients, and loves high-quality products, these fit the bill.
  15. Cuisinart Air Fryer + Toaster Oven + Grill ($$$)-We use this EVERY DAY, multiple times a day. Enough said. (We used it so much that it broke after 2 years and they sent us a brand new one for FREE–great customer service).
  16. Ninja Coffee Maker ($$$)-I got my husband this for his birthday and it’s awesome! It can make cold brew, iced iced coffee, tea, and it has a frother on the side. It’s also extremely easy to clean.
  17. Stars Above PJ’s ($)-These PJ’s from Target are sooooo nice and soft with a low cost. They are definitely one of my favs! (They are sold out in a lot of the sets, but I love the pants by themselves too!)
  18. Gift card for clothes-If someone needs clothes or loves clothes, this would be a safe bet.
  19. Croc Lined Slippers ($-$$)-Sorry not sorry, these are the best house slippers lol.
  20. Ninja Professional Food Processor ($$)-If you are married to a foodie or someone who cooks a lot, this would be a great gift!
  21. Shark Cordless Handheld Vacuum ($$)-Again, if you have littles or pets that need cleaning up after constantly, this would be great. Some women would not want a vacuum for Christmas, but I would lol! You have to know the person you are shopping for!
  22. Kitsch Microfiber Hair Towel ($)-This is from the same brand as the pillowcase. Again, a cute luxury item without the price tag!
  23. Alure Hair Waver ($)-Hair wavers are fun and something a woman may not buy on her own.
  24. Paul Mitchell Curling Wand ($$)-If they have a cheap curling iron, time for an upgrade. This one is great and has three different attachments for different curls.
  25. Massage ($$-$$$)-You can’t go wrong with a massage! Most women need to relax and unwind.
  26. Manicure/Pedicure ($-$$$)-Most women would also love a manicure or a pedicure! If you can afford to do a manicure, pedicure, and a massage, DO IT!
  27. Overnight Trip ($$$)-If you can get someone to watch the kids and take an overnight trip, this would be a big win! It would be a bigger win if you took care of everything and preplanned it!
  28. House Update-My husband and I really like doing home updates as gifts. I know everyone doesn’t like doing this, but we do! This only works if you actually do the project though lol.
  29. Jewelry Cabinet ($$)-I got this from my in-laws last year and I love it! It holds all my jewelry, but is disguised as a full length mirror. It also lights up inside which is so helpful!
  30. Macbook Pro ($$$)-If your wife does any work on a computer, this would be great!

Now go buy your wifey-friend-mama, etc. a great gift!


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